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What is Candidiasis?

Candidiasis is the systemic yeast infection by Candida Albicans yeast species. Candida Albicans naturally resides in everyone’s intestines, however, in many situations Candida Albicans becomes overly aggressive and turns into a whole new creature. When left uncheck by the intestinal beneficial bacteria Candida Albicans turns into it’s Hyphe form and starts penetrating into the intestinal walls of the intestines.

Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans turns into it’s hyphae form (Image Source: http://www.usask.ca/biology/kaminskyj/images/BachewichCandida.jpg)

After turning into it’s full hyphae form Candida Albicans begins dominating the intestinal tract and starts forming colonies.

Candidiasis, Gut Infection, (Image Source: https://usercontent1.hubstatic.com/2860513.jpg)

Candidiasis, Gut Infection, (Image Source: https://usercontent1.hubstatic.com/2860513.jpg)

After invading the intestinal walls and making permanent colonies, Candida Albicans in it’s hyphea form starts spreading throughout the blood stream via the intestinal tract with it’s roots and finds new homes wherever it can, it’s at this the stage when Candida Albicans is officially turned into systemic candidiasis.

Candidiasis, Infection of Tongue, (Image Source: https://wikimedia.org/H_t_i_with_oral_candidiasis.jpg)

Candidiasis, Infection of Tongue, (Image Source: https://wikimedia.org/H_t_i_with_oral_candidiasis.jpg)

Candida Albicans can invade various parts of the body such as intestines, tongue, throat, bones, skin, central nervous system, brain, vagina, and many other parts of the body where it can penetrate.

What Causes Candidiasis Infection?

Candidiasis has many contributing factors that allow this systemic infection to take root. Overuse of antibiotics is the main contributing factor, diet also plays a major role in Candidiasis infection. Antibiotics destroy essential beneficial gut flora and in turn candida takes the strong hold and begins dominating the intestines.

What Feeds Candida and Candidiasis Infection?

Antibiotics + Sugar + Carbohydrates  = Candidiasis

Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Honey or (anything sweet), Fruits, Bread, Alcohol, Yeast, French Fries, Starch, Flour, Grains, Vinegar (Unfiltered Apple Cider is an exception), Peanut, anything moldy or with potential for mold to grow on, Cheese, Canola Oil, etc..

What are the Common Symptoms of Candidiasis?

Candidiasis Infection can mimic the symptoms of many other illnesses, it is often called the mystery illness because it’s sometimes very difficult to diagnose and understand. Many of today’s doctors simply don’t know anything about this monster elephant in the room, and yet millions of people are infected and are suffering day after day not knowing what is wrong with them.


Oral Thrush, Depression, Fatigue, Headache, Fibromyalgia, Abdominal Pain, Jaw Pain, Weakness, Failure to Thrive, Short Term Memory Deficit, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Irritability, Back Pain, Inability to Focus, Nutritional Deficiency, Low Sex Drive, etc.

How To Treat Candidiasis?
Elimination of Candidiasis is not an easy task, it requires changes in the diet and life style for extended periods of time but it is certainly possible to eliminate this opportunistic infection. For complete details on how you can eliminate this infection systematically, we recommend you to visit Linda Allen’s website: By Clicking HERE

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